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Archived | 18 Mar 2020

The world has spent years developing remote technology – now is the time to use it

It was 2005, during Tony Blair’s government that buk Solutions was first involved in delivering a remote interpretation event – a meeting of the EU presidency at Hampton Court when the UK was head of the presidency.

Then, we provided 22 interpreter booths located remotely to where the meeting was being held connected by cables to the meeting room.

Today, we don’t need anything like the cumbersome hardware to achieve the same outcome. Anyone with an internet connection and a web browser can take part in international meetings to enable the wheels of commerce to carry on turning. Now is the time to exploit this technology.

It you are a participant, all you would need is a microphone and a webcam, and if you are a delegate you can see the proceedings on something as small as a smartphone as you sit in the comfort of your armchair in Coronavirus isolation.

More and more businesses will revert to remote conferencing to continue trading in the wake of the Coronavirus and there is a real chance it will become the new norm when the situation returns to normal.

This is a truly cost-effective way of working and environmentally sound, too. No travel costs, no carbon emissions, no wasted time. Admittedly, it also doesn’t provide the social interaction that is so key to business, but this is often outweighed by the benefits remote conferencing offers.

Broadband connections

Today, technology is so far advanced and broadband connections so fast that it’s easy for international businesses to bring foreign speakers together using remote interpretation.

With the US banning international travel to and from the EU and Italy in lock down with others set to follow, it makes sense to start using remote interpretation conferencing.

International conferences

These are unusual times, so if international conferences can’t go ahead in the usual way, the technology can still make them happen by supplying remote language interpreters (for up to 32 different languages). Participants simply log in with a browser or a smartphone with multiple languages that delegates can choose from.

No need to travel

For those businesses who still want to have meetings with language interpretation, buk Solutions can create a virtual meeting room with remote interpreters and people are simply invited into the meeting using a secure access arrangement.

There can be any number of interpreters, located either on company premises, working remotely from their own location, or from our equipped studio.

For more information about remote conferences and meetings with simultaneous interpretation, contact us or email

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