Wireless Microphones

Flexibility, portability and cable-free installation

A wireless microphone system is the perfect choice for users who want a flexible or portable solution. You may have a meeting room that requires different layouts for different committees, or you may need to take the system to alternative locations.

A wireless system will give you the freedom to set up for any type of meeting in any space.

Going wireless doesn’t mean you have to compromise on functionality, wireless microphone units can incorporate voting buttons, delegate identification, language selection and anything else you would normally associate with a ‘hard-wired’ system.

A wireless microphone system will fall into one of two categories, either Digital Infrared (DIR) or Radio Frequency (RF or Wi-Fi)

There are pros and cons to both categories, it’s a matter of which transmission method suits your needs the best. buk solutions can advise and help you to specify the correct equipment to match the environment it will be used in. Draw on our impartial, expert knowledge to ensure you make the right choice.

Security always should be considered when specifying a wireless discussion system. Depending on your situation, security could be right at the top, or down near the bottom of your priority list. The top brands are well aware of the potential for eavesdropping and offer various high-tech security features such as:

·         Triple layer 128-bit encryption

·         PIN and access codes

·         Frequency hopping

·         Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS)


Infrared Vs Radio Frequency

An infrared signal is comprised of light and therefore will not pass through walls, whereas a Radio or Wi-Fi signal can penetrate solid structures and be picked up from outside the meeting space, manufacturers combat this by using high level encryption processes to make sure that only the intended recipients can receive the audio in a listenable form. Again, it comes down to what suits your environment best - buk Solutions can assist you with making that choice and supplying the correct equipment for your application.


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