Wired Microphones

Reliable, interference-free and cost effective

Hard-wired microphone discussion systems are popular throughout the world as they offer the best reliability and ease of use. From executive boardrooms to council chambers, microphone units can sit on the desktop, or be flush mounted and integrated into the furniture. The system could be permanently installed, or packed away into a flight-case for storage or transportation.

The key to us selecting the right system for you is understanding your needs and requirements. buk Solutions has decades of experience in doing just this, we offer advice, consultation, system design, planning and a full professional installation service.



As well as thinking about what you need right now, we also consider what you may like to add in the future. Incorporating additional functions such as webcasting or video conferencing can be made much easier by careful forward planning, minimising disruption and additional costs in the event of an upgrade.

A wired microphone discussion system can be as simple as a push-to-talk or come packed with technology, some of the options you may like to incorporate include:

·         Voting buttons

·         Language selection

·         USB charging or mains power

·         Media and data connections

·         Sound reinforcement

·         Headphone connections with individual

            volume control

·         Mic activated camera control

·         Touch screens (fixed or pop-up)

·         Delegate identification

Please get in touch so we can talk you through what the different manufacturers can offer, and assist with selecting the right options to suit your needs.


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