Multi-media Conferencing

Multi-media and touch-screen microphone units add a new dimension to conference technology

Designed to encourage more interaction in the meeting space, the latest multi-media units are packed with features to engage users. They obviously contain all the traditional elements of a push-to-talk microphone system but with the added benefits of being able to provide participants with updatable information about the conference or meeting whilst in use, such as delegate information, participant lists or contact information. The screens are often used to display documents or an agenda for example, helping organisations to move towards paper-free meetings and a more sustainable future.

The display can also show, voting options, language selection, videos and images. Some units will even allow Internet access and the use of apps, which can of course be restricted if required.

Multi-media units can be surface or flush mounted, or even retract into the desk at the push of a button. Screen sizes can range from 2 to 22 inches and could be placed at every position, or shared between delegates. There are a lot of options to consider with a multi-media conference system and buk Solutions can help you through the process of choosing what elements you would like to include. Whether for a boardroom, private courtroom or meeting space, we will use our in-house expertise to specify, design and install the perfect system to meet your needs.

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