Custom Microphones

Conference technology with modular options for data, media and power

The DIGIMIC lean+ Conferencing System from Brahler is designed for conference attendees whose requirements go far beyond plug and play functions. Combining all of the modern day conference requirements into a sleek modular construction for flexible combination and expansion, with the biggest range of data and media connections in the industry.

This is a high-performance conferencing all-rounder that buk Solutions can design, build and install for you. It is developed for all sizes of events and numbers of delegates ranging from just a few, to up to several thousand units in one system. 

The custom microphone units can be matched with any company’s style. Flexible in form and function and available in various colours and finishes, units can be surface or flush mounted and integrated with the room furnishings.

Each individual component has been miniaturised and optimised. This makes the microphone station more compact, more visually appealing and most of all more flexible. There are modules to suit all needs including USB or mains charging, HDMI or CAT5/6 data connections, voting, language selection or an RFID card reader. You can even have individual buttons programmed for special requirements such as operating a projector screen or calling for assistance.


Key features:

·         Compact, visually appealing and flexible

·         Fully customisable, individually designed units

·         Surface or desk mounted

·         Power, data, voting, language and identification modules


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