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Wireless simultaneous interpretation system

Our Simultaneous Interpretation System is convenient, comfortable and reliable, and works wirelessly using infrared light audio transmission. Suitable for large-scale congresses and smaller conferences and meetings where alternative languages are required, the system sends translated language signals from one person to the next.

To do this, the system makes use of infrared Band II and Band IV to guarantee interference-free transmission, even in sunlight or under extremely bright artificial lighting.  

The presenter speaks into the microphone and the interpreters translate simultaneously into the required languages. This is also possible the other way round, with the simultaneous interpreters translating questions from the audience into the presenter's language.

A complete interpretation system consists of the compact transmitter, the interpreter console, the high-power infrared distribution panel, and the desired quantity of delegate receivers. All delegates can be given their own individual receiver supplied with headphones or an earpiece, enabling them to hear the selected language of their choice from the comfort of their seated position.


The Simultaneous Interpretation System is of course compatible with the Versatile Digital Conferencing product range.

Key features:

  • Reliable, high-quality, secure broadcast
  • Robust infrared receivers with comfortable, lightweight delegate headsets
  • Daylight receivers work in natural light conditions
  • Systems for up to 32 languages can be provided
  • Conforms to the international standards IEC914, IEC61603-3 and IEC61603-7
  • Delegate receivers operate for up to 75 hours
  • Quick and easy to set up

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