Interpretation systems

Simultaneous Interpretation Systems

Simultaneous interpreting is the most comfortable and common type of interpreting. Depending on your requirements, there are various ways this can be achieved.

Digital interpretation systems are a sophisticated, high-end interpretation technology with a broad range of functions, first-class audio quality, and an open architecture that allows for modular software expansions at any time.

The Versatile Digital Conferencing range allows for high-performance simultaneous interpretation within a conference, convention, council or parliament setting. Offering up to eight language channels, the system can be equipped with several hundred microphones allowing delegates to listen to translations from any of the available languages. Delegates or audience members are also able to listen to their chosen language via Infracom wireless receivers if required.

Multi-media Conferencing

Multi-media and touch-screen microphone units add a new dimension to conference technology

Multi-media Conferencing find out more
Wired Microphones

Reliable, interference-free and cost effective

Wired Microphones find out more
Live Interpretation

Wireless simultaneous interpretation system

Live Interpretation find out more
Wireless Microphones

Flexibility, portability and cable-free installation

Wireless Microphones find out more
Interpreter Console

Simultaneous interpretation console from the flexible DIGIMIC family.

Interpreter Console find out more
ISO Interpreter Booths

Portable interpreter booth accommodating for two interpreters

ISO Interpreter Booths find out more

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