Remote interpretation conferences help the wheels of commerce keep turning in the wake of the Coronavirus

buk Solutions predicts that more and more businesses will turn to remote conferencing to continue trading as Coronavirus grips the world.

Simon Sainsbury, Managing Director of buk, which has been working in the conferencing sector for over 30 years, says internet-based remote conferencing has come of age and will be the future, with the current situation being the catalyst for massive global change.

“Today, technology is so far advanced and broadband connections are so fast that it’s easy for international businesses to bring foreign speakers together across the world,” he said.

His comments come as the US bans international travel to and from the UK and EU, and Italy, France and Spain are in lock down with other countries set to follow.

“These are unusual times, so if international conferences can’t go ahead in the usual way, we can still make them happen by supplying remote or local interpreters for up to 32 different languages into remote meetings or conferences for an unlimited number of delegates.

“Participants can log in with a browser or a smartphone with multiple languages that delegates can choose from.”

He says no one needs to travel and those delegates or keynote speakers who are in self isolation can still take part: “All people need is a good internet connection, a browser, microphone and headphones and the meeting or conference can go ahead,” he says.

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