VIQ Available Add-on

Add-ons are applicable to all three products – Hearings, medical and police.

Extend the power of your VIQ software with the following upgrades:

  • 3rd Party Database Integration - VIQ’s Database Integration Tool can integrate your VIQ recording system with your 3rd party databases like case management systems, docket management systems and more, for the import, export and sharing of crucial information.
  • Remote Playback - with VIQ Media Manager, you can easily access recordings for remote playback or transcription.
  • Web-based Access - secure online access to audio, video and notes through a standard web browser with VIQ AccessPOINT Portal.
  • Web-based Transcription - VIQ’s NetScribe provides an end-to-end, web-based transcription workflow that gives instant access to recordings.


With all these great features, it is im­portant to remember that the VIQ solution lets you start simple. You can start with a single recording work­station and grow from there as your needs change.


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