VIQ Medical

Capture, Management and Collaboration Solutions

Our VIQ Medical solution offers a complete, integrated, digital AV capture, management and collaboration solution for medical schools and training facilities.

The VIQ medical solution provides a safe, secure way for instructors to accurately review surgical videos of training procedures performed by their medical students. Instructors can also provide feedback and testing while giving students a collaborative tool to track and review their own performance compared to their classmates.

Using body-worn and / or fixed cameras mounted in the operating theatre, medical students can capture their training, surgery and procedures, and share them privately and securely with professors and examiners via VIQ’s sophisticated AccessPOINT web portal.

VIQ is flexible enough to work with a range of audio-video capture devices, including body-worn cameras, with AV capture managed from a remote computer, a tablet and / or directly from a smartphone.

The AV files are automatically and securely streamed to a private central location for review, along with any other added meta data including pictures or test results. Authorised examiners, supervisors and students can log in to the secure AccessPOINT web portal to review recorded procedures and submitted coursework.

The web portal also serves as a repository for other key documents and files - course notes suggested readings and more.

VIQ goes beyond the simple capture of audio and video - our solutions have been designed specifically for medical facilities who need a secure and reliable record that can be easily searched and shared while remaining secure.

Key features:

  • Top-of-the-line privacy controls that comply with local and international privacy and medical
  • Protocol and usability standards such as HIPPA and 508
  • A flexible fixed and mobile solution
  • A powerful database that is searchable by a range of criteria, including date / time, participants, or annotation text
  • Advanced security protocols, including encrypted user IDs and passwords
  • Secure audit log only available to administrators
  • Sophisticated data analytics that allows both student and examiner to see how learning is progressing
  • Flexible hosting options; you can host and manage the AccessPOINT portal yourself or use VIQ’s secure server infrastructure
  • Include other files such as questionnaires, reports, pictures and more can be easily attached and submitted, becoming an indexed part of the record
  • Clip audio / video files - long recordings easily become smaller, manageable procedures
  • Robust security and chain of custody tracking on all files on the system protect your system data, keeping it private and tamper-free
  • Teachers, administrators or other authorised parties can live-monitor audio / video feeds from body cameras or operating theatres from a remote location
  • Authorised users can log in to the web portal from any standard web browser and view videos, assignments and other course material from any location


With all these great features, it is important to remember that VIQ lets you start simple - you can begin with a single camera using a secure VIQ-hosted server, and add functionality as your needs change.

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