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International Arbitration Centre

The Situation

The International Arbitration Centre in central London offers an unrivaled venue where commercial and private disputes and negotiations are held in complete privacy and five-star comfort. The IAC offers an exclusive hearing space in the heart of the capital and at the centre of the city’s legal district.

As it is designed to be a cut above everything else on the market, it was vital the technology matched those high expectations. It not only had to provide excellent usability and functionality, but also needed to be adaptable for the future needs of the client.

The Solution

The demanding requirements for both a high level of security and user privacy warranted careful consideration when designing the IAC’s network and recording systems. As the sole distributor of VIQ Solutions products in the UK, we installed the cutting-edge VIQ Solutions CapturePro™ software technology for the IAC.


The technology records both the audio and video from hearings, ensuring every facial expression and gesture, which can be important to clients, is recorded along with the spoken word. It can also capture large volumes of information quickly that is easy to manage and securely accessed.


The technology means the IAC can seal cases and restrict access to both case information and audio/video recordings. It also allows an audit log that shows who has accessed the recordings and when. Sections of the recordings can also be marked as inadmissible as the case proceeds.

The hearing software is ideal for clients like the IAC and others who provide hearing rooms for tribunals and legal disputes. The technology means recordings can be easily shared among authorised users. Other multimedia documents of any file type can be attached to the digital audio/visual recordings for ease of reference.

The VIQ Solutions CapturePro™ software has provided us with a unique offering for our clients. We’re one of the only centres globally to offer both audio and visual recordings of the proceedings each day and this has been very well received in the marketplace. Working with buk Solutions, we looked at what lawyers needed in terms of the communications and recording technology and designed everything around that to create the world’s leading hearing venue.” Owen Lawrence, CEO of IAC.


Buk Solutions is the UK’s exclusive sales partner for VIQ Solutions, the world leader in digital recording and logging systems. The technology we provided and installed included:

  • Push-to-talk microphones
  • Integrated simultaneous interpretation system
  • Polycom video conferencing including Videxio virtual meeting rooms
  • High definition PTZ camera system linked to microphone positions
  • Ability to record and store multimedia content such as images, video, scanned documents etc
  • Audio, video and languages can be securely distributed to defendant or claimants’ suites
  • Wireless Crestron presentation system allowing third-party devices to show evidence and documents in the hearing room
  • 75inch HD Monitors throughout the centre with Crestron control 



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    Unparalleled control

    Expert camera units, seamlessly linked to your AV system

    In any environment, whether it be at a conference, board room or court room, it is essential that those in the space can see the person who is speaking. In these scenarios, the most practical method of tracking the speaker is to direct the camera to the microphone location using camera control software.