Whether you are an integrator or an end user, buk Solutions’ are always on hand to support you through buk Solutions pre-sales planning, specification, system design, tendering support, and system consultation, and have been since 1988. We are recognised as a world leader in our field.   If you are looking to upgrade or purchase a new system, our commitment to you is that by purchasing a conference system through buk Solutions, you will receive a quality product that perfectly meets your requirements.

Digital Audio Recording

Having installed evidential recording systems for more than 900 courtrooms in England, Scotland and Wales, buk Solutions is the UK’s exclusive sales partner for VIQ Solutions.   Our offering spans the collection of digital media evidence in multiple formats: audio, video, emails, photographs, logs, attachments, and more. We provide a combination of hardware and software for legal, medical, police, hearing rooms, interview rooms or anywhere a digital record is required.

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Audio Visual

buk Solutions is an industry leader in supplying a wide range of audio visual systems from leading manufacturers.   We deliver AV equipment to the latest AVIXA standards so you can have confidence in our entire process.   From a simple sound reinforcement system to a full AV fit-out, our expertise ensures you get the best system available.

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Simultaneous Interpretation

buk Solutions possesses over 30 years’ experience in delivering industry-leading simultaneous interpretation systems to a wide range of multi-lingual events.   Offering the most natural method of interpretation, simultaneous interpretation enables huge increases in productivity and participation during multi-lingual events.   Supporting up to 64 languages, modern systems can be distributed to hundreds of delegates via microphones or wireless receivers.

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Microphone Discussion Systems

buk Solutions understands the role of a microphone discussion systems in maintaining structure and order during discussions.   With over 30 years of experience, We will help you find the perfect microphone system to meet your needs.   From national conferences to council meeting rooms, governments, committees and businesses all rely on easy-to-use, interference-free microphone discussion systems.

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Judicial & hearing rooms

We have a long-established expertise in supplying judicial and hearing room recording systems.   buk Solutions has served courts of law, Quasi-governmental organisations and private arbitration centres such as the IAC in London with high-quality audio and video recording solutions of various specifications, ranging from small-scale individual systems to military-grade multi-site systems.

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Police Interview Recording

The recording of police interview data is a sensitive process and requires a high-quality system to ensure data is obtained reliably.   buk Solutions developed our police interview recording systems based on experiences with the UK Judicial system and the shortcomings of contemporary systems. Our solutions accommodate for fixed or portable systems and automatic video recording features.

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Digital Dictation

Whether you’re new to dictation or a seasoned pro, buk Solutions will assess your requirements and help you make the right choice when selecting a dictation system.   Our solutions come in various forms, utilising Tablet or Smartphone hardware via a specialist app, or a high-quality, reliable standalone recorder.   All options are compatible with your favourite transcription software and can be integrated with a fully searchable database.

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buk Solutions delivers leading software and technology to assist transcribers in maximising performance, accuracy and efficiency in the course of their work.   We also supply sophisticated workflow software and ‘first draft’ voice-to-text technology to improve efficiency and profitability for transcribers and transcription organisations.

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Why choose buk Solutions?

  • buk Solutions has an extensive database of professional conference interpreters. Whether it is for an international multi-lingual event, consecutive interpreting for a small business meeting or for one-to-one assistance, we can supply experts.
  • We offer bespoke quotations – NO hidden costs!
  • We can provide you with the required equipment and interpreters necessary to achieve a successful meeting.
  • We can support your event worldwide using our Global Network.
  • We can provide the rental of equipment as well as delivering, installing, and operating high-quality language interpretation systems.
  • buk Solutions has fully compliant ISO standard interpretation booths which can be used for all events, whether in a small meeting room or a large conference centre.
  • We can also assist with the written translation of documents, from meeting presentations to legal contracts, finance, medical and IT.


    Real-time event streaming

    Full remote participation via PC or smartphone

    buk Solutions uses the KUDO platform to stream images, voices and presentation slides in real-time, straight to people’s laptops, smartphones, anywhere in the world from the comfort of their own home or office.