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Interpretation Services for events and conferences

Rental Solutions and Interpretation Services
for events and conferences

Your event is important. So it is essential you can rely on the best technical equipment, interpreters and support services to make your meeting a success. buk Solutions backs this up with a team of dedicated industry professionals who can work with you to ensure your event runs flawlessly.   We have the specialist expertise to understand your needs and provide a solution, whether it is for a business meeting, global product launch or an international convention where different languages are spoken, located in the UK or anywhere else worldwide.

Interpretation equipment

Simultaneous interpretation is needed at a congress where more than one language is spoken, but not all participants can understand all languages.   Interpretation equipment is required to ensure accuracy and seamless integration with the meeting. To achieve this, buk Solutions supplies a range of specialist simultaneous interpretation equipment including interpreter booths, transmission systems, delegate receivers, microphones and more to ensure your event is a success.

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At international meetings, simultaneous interpreters are required to provide an accurate interpretation of what is being said.   A highly skilled role, and one that is pivotal to the success of a conference, buk Solutions has a network of trusted simultaneous interpreters which can be assigned to your event based on the specific requirements.

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We have a wide range of 4K PTZ Camera systems available to Hire from brands such as SONY, Brahler and Panasonic.


These can be automated with our push-to-talk microphone systems, or used as standalone cameras for video production and streaming.

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Push-to-Talk Microphones

Our wired and wireless push-to-talk delegate microphones offer digital microphone control, recording and webcasting functions. Our technology is ideal for large or small meetings where full interactive discussions take place.   The push-to-talk microphone system allows participants to have quick and easy access to broadcast-quality microphones.   The sound experience during an event should be perfect from beginning to end, and with professional support at hand, sound can be adapted perfectly to each event.

Our dome camera systems allows the active microphone, to give a close-up head and shoulders shot of the speaker or presenter distributed to the Chairman’s monitor or big screen


These systems have been used on many international Government events, NATO summits , Climate Change COP, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, G8 and many corporate meetings

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Audio Visual

The sound experience during an event should be perfect from beginning to end.   buk Solutions’ sound and video specialists have the capability to provide sound, video, projection, lighting, rigging, staging, sets and technical support for conferences and events of all sizes.   Our project leaders can help you select the appro

priate sound system for your event based on a range of factors including size, location, surroundings and acoustical conditions.

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With more than 30 years’ experience in delivering market-leading conference and interpretation technology and services, buk Solutions has a team of experts on hand to provide end-to-end support and consultancy to ensure your event or function’s AV and language needs are always met with minimal hassle.   We’re ready to understand your requirements and discuss with you the options and solutions that meet them.

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With the ability to provide high-quality translation services for any language, buk Solutions recruits only the very best resources, ensuring the utmost standards of accuracy and consistency across all our translation services.   Our end-to-end language translation aims to ensure your experience is as seamless as possible, taking care of any challenges that accompany the delicate translation process.

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Remote Participation - KUDO


The KUDO platform provides a high-quality streaming system, allowing for live presentation to a worldwide audience from an office or home environment in a variety of languages.   The platform also allows for real-time interpretation, full engagement and smartphone compatibility at web meetings and conferences, all whilst saving on the cost of travel and hotel expenses.

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Interaction & Voting

Wireless voting technology empowers and involves your audience in interaction across a range of situations such as sales and marketing meetings, seminars, quiz shows and more.   An interactive audience response and voting system uses wireless radio technology, combined with tailor-made software to offer the most complete, customisable and flexible solution on the market. The system allows features such as multiple choice voting and chip card voting with dedicated voting keypads.

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Why choose buk Solutions?

  • We possess over 30 years of experience in the conference technology and technical event management industry.
  • We work on the cutting edge on AV technology developments, offering innovative systems with a modern design.
  • We set high standards for functionality and design in conference technology and highly technically sophisticated systems.
  • We work with selected key partners worldwide to bring together the very best technological solutions whilst also being able to deliver on a global basis.
  • We are pioneers in our industry, having introduced a multitude of revolutionary ideas and features to the conference technology sector.
  • Our specialist support team offers an end-to-end solution, ensuring your function’s AV systems always operate smoothly.
  • We possess an extensive range of AV solutions, with the capability to produce bespoke hardware and software to serve any specific needs you may have.


    Real-time event streaming with KUDO

    Full remote participation via PC or smartphone

    buk Solutions uses the KUDO platform to stream images, voices and presentation slides in real-time, straight to people’s laptops, smartphones, anywhere in the world from the comfort of their own home or office.