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London Metropolitan University

The Situation

buk Solutions has worked extensively with the London Metropolitan University supporting its existing interpretation suite. It is one of 21 universities throughout the UK that run a portfolio of interpreting courses including MA Conference Interpreting/MA Interpreting and short courses.


The university has strong competition to attract the right calibre of students from around the world and wanted to ensure its technology was the very best it could offer, so turned to buk Solutions and audiovisual company Reflex. The result was a state-of-the-art suite enabling students to receive real-world experience in interpreting.

The Solution

buk Solutions, working with Reflex, and the university’s own IT professionals, installed the Brahler DCen32 Interpretation system in the new suite. This system connects delegates via a specialised Cmic (the CMic CSV32 Unit).


This is the input device that brings a language into the system, which is then available for interpretation via the DDol32 Consoles manned by interpreters in the six booths at the university. Each booth is designated a language, enabling interpreters sitting in the booths to translate the conversation around the table as it happens.


“The quality of the sound provided by the buk Solutions system and the HD quality of the cameras offer the perfect opportunity to train interpreters in a professional setting.” 

– Associate Professor Danielle D’Hayer – Course Leader



The DCen32 Controller, with its menu-driven configuration, makes the system easy to use and allows for adapting as required.



The DCen32 platform means up to 100 delegates and Interpreters can be connected and the whole system affords live-streaming capabilities enabling the university to hire out the suite for conferences and provide a revenue stream.



The new generation of Brahler DCen32 conference system is Dante-enabled. This means it provides the audio interface of software, hardware, and network protocols that deliver uncompressed, multi-channel, low-latency digital audio. A standard Ethernet network provides both system interconnection and interoperability with third-party digital audio systems. The installation includes:

  • Easy and cost-effective audio interfacing
  • Choice of up to 32 high-quality audio channels for distribution of interpretation and floor channels.
  • Complete, high performance digital DIGIMIC media networking toolkit
  • Is easily configured using the Brahler operating system
  • The CMic CSV32 Delegate Units include push-to-talk, channel Selection, voting and chairman priority. Additionally, the DDol32 Digital Interpreter Consoles allow for up to 32 Interpretation Channels.



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