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NEWS | 26 Jan 2020

buk Solutions’ crucial role at NATO Leaders’ meeting is revealed

A team from buk Solutions got to rub shoulders with some of the world’s most powerful heads of state recently when they were a key supplier in staging NATO’s 70th anniversary meeting in Watford involving 29 member nations.

Ten members of buk, which specialises in providing interpretation services to the conferencing sector, had been brought in by Identity, which specialises in events management. Identity was chosen to organise the event by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Buk’s team spent four days setting up the crucial equipment to enable the international community to communicate with each other in 12 languages during the important event.

Their work included installing the equipment for the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation in the main hall at Watford’s luxury Grove Hotel and in five additional press rooms.

In total, buk provided 32 booths for interpreters, 48 push-to-talk microphones, camera systems and 900 receivers for delegates who come together each year to discuss crises around the world.

Steve Hunt, Operations Manager at buk Solutions, said: “Without interpreters and the technology to bring their translations to the ears of the delegates, there wouldn’t be a conference. We know how vital our job is, which is why we put the effort in to anticipate what the client wants.

“We’ve been employed at the annual NATO conference for a number of years now, and we’ve been involved in many government events, so while the NATO conference was high profile, it really was business as usual for buk Solutions.

“Our experience means we know what the client is going to need – from the operation of delegate mics to the positioning of cameras. We are in a good position to advise our clients from the outset and, in turn, what we need to carry out the job effectively.”

Paul Fitzpatrick Operations Director, from Identity, said: “The positive attitude, hard work and outstanding attention to detail from the buk Solutions team helped to make the event a huge success. We have received incredibly complimentary feedback from the UK’s Foreign & Commonwealth Office and NATO. Everyone working on the project should be extremely proud of what we have achieved collectively in challenging timescales and conditions.”



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