Discussion systems

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National conferences, congresses, conventions and council meetings rely on easy-to-use, interference-free discussion systems.

See our full range of live and interference-free push-to-talk discussion systems below:

Multi-media Conferencing

Conference technology with the widest variety of data and media connections

Multi-media Conferencing find out more
Flush Mounted Multi-media Conferencing - DIGIMIC Lean+

DIGIMIC lean+ conference technology with a high-tech retractable monitor.

Flush Mounted Multi-media Conferencing - DIGIMIC Lean+ find out more
Interpretation System

Digital congress system with advanced sound processing

Interpretation System find out more
Discussion system

Ideally suited for meetings or smaller conferences

Discussion system find out more
Digital Conferencing

High-performance, flexible, standalone conference system

Digital Conferencing find out more
Smart Conferencing

For managing a wide variety of efficient and smooth conferences

Smart Conferencing find out more

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