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Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

Simultaneous interpretation is needed at a congress where more than one language is spoken but where not all participants are able to understand all languages.


Interpreter booth hire


It is the process of converting the spoken word from one language into another in near real-time (simultaneously). It is termed ‘interpretation’ as it is concerned with the true meaning of the communication, rather than a ‘translation’ which is a literal conversion which can lose meaning. Interpretation seeks to prevent this loss in meaning.


How does it work?

Simultaneous interpretation is carried out by real people, who listen to what is being said, and at the same time render what they hear orally into their specialist language. The interpreter’s spoken words are then broadcast to the delegates. This process is facilitated by specialist audio equipment in sound attenuating interpreter ‘booths’ or ‘cabins’ usually located at the back of the meeting room.



Simultaneous interpreting is another skill level up from consecutive interpreting, so selecting skilled conferencing interpreters with the required qualifications is critical to the success of your event. buk Solutions will help you source qualified, reliable interpreters worldwide with whom we have worked over decades.


What equipment is required?

Interpreter Booth. The most evident piece of equipment is the interpreter booth, which isolates the interpreter from the rest of the room so as not to disturb the meeting.


Transmission. A transmission system sends the interpreter’s output to the delegates. Broadcasting is achieved using infrared light and the transmission system is made up of the transmitter and IR radiator panels.


Delegate Receiver. The delegate receiver is a small wireless pack, with headphones, that allows the delegate to select the desired channel / language and adjust their listening volume.


Delegate Microphone. Delegate microphones, or push-to-talk microphones, become part of the interpretation system during full discussion meetings. They allow a quick flow of discussion while maximising audio quality for interpreters to work effectively.


Some microphone discussion systems also carry the interpretation back to the delegates via inbuilt channel selectors, thus removing the need for an IR transmission system and receivers.


The infrared receiver forms part of the simultaneous interpretation system, alongside interpreter booths and wireless infrared audio transmission of up to 32 channels. Delegates can listen to their chosen language in comfort using wireless headphones or ear pieces.


Using the relay switch on the front of each console the interpreter can choose to listen to either the original audio or any other interpreted channel. Consoles can be provided with chip-card readers which allow each interpreter to take their personal settings with them to whichever console they use.


  • Reliable, high quality, secure broadcast
  • Systems for up to 32 languages can be provided
  • Robust digital infrared receivers with comfortable, lightweight delegate headsets
  • Receivers work in natural light conditions


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