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buk Helps World Leaders Talk at Nato's 70th Anniversary Meeting

The Situation

buk Solutions was a key supplier in staging NATO’s 70th Anniversary meeting in Watford, UK involving 29 member nations. We were brought in by Identity, which specialises in event management, and which was chosen to organise the event by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. 


Our ten-strong team spent four days setting up equipment in the meeting space at Watford’s luxury Grove Hotel and in five additional press rooms. While is was a high-profile event, this was business as usual for buk Solution since we have delivered for various NATO and government conferences over many years. 

The Solution

Major inter-governmental conferences such as ones organised for NATO, rely on an effective and highly reliable real-time interpretation and communication system. buk Solutions provided this in the shape of booths for interpreters, push-to-talk microphones, Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera systems and receivers so delegates could hear all the proceedings in a language of their choice. 


Through decades of experience, buk Solutions was able to anticipate the needs of the client from the outset to ensure that all their needs were met – this included the operation of the delegate mics to positioning of cameras. 


There were 12 languages spoken at the NATO meeting and while buk Solutions did not provide the interpreters, we have a ready armoury of qualified professionals we can call upon if needed. 

In addition, buk Solutions provided the hardware for 900 delegates to be able to hear the simultaneous interpretation of their foreign counterparts’ speech via the interpreters occupying our booths. buk Solutions has worked at the highest level, not just with NATO but with many governmental organisations for multi-language events.



“Everyone working on the project should be extremely proud of what we have achieved collectively in challenging timescales and conditions.” Paul Fitzpatrick, Operations Director, Identity. 


buk Solutions provided full high-quality audio channels for delegates, national and international so that, through our receivers, they could hear a simultaneous translation of the proceedings of world leaders’ speeches in their own language. 

These included: 

  • A full digital Televic interpretation system using state-of-the-art control software.
  • 900 digital delegate receivers
  • 32 dual ISO standard interpretation booths
  • Remote PTZ Cameras. These 4k high-definition cameras worked directly with the microphones. Using our advances technology camera automation software, the camera automatically tracks a delegate at the push of their microphone button. 



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    Unparalleled control

    Expert camera units, seamlessly linked to your AV system

    In any environment, whether it be at a conference, board room or court room, it is essential that those in the space can see the person who is speaking. In these scenarios, the most practical method of tracking the speaker is to direct the camera to the microphone location using camera control software.