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Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) - Content Management System

The Situation

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) wanted to progress from traditional methods of recording hearings to a technology-based solution which future-proofed and streamlined the process. As part of the modernisation programme, the organisation identified key requirements that the technology had to fulfil: a digital system that recorded audio and enabled highly accurate transcription and increased efficiency, and a secure, scalable and accessible storage facility.

The Solution

After winning a competitive tender process, buk installed a pioneering new interview capture and cloud-based content management system in a total of 28 hearing rooms at the NMC’s site Stratford in East London, and other sites in London and Edinburgh.


The Digimic® Classic microphone discussion system was integrated with specially developed software from partner business, VIQ solutions, to provide the NMC with exceptionally high-quality, multi-channel audio recordings straight from the source.


VIQ’s cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution uses the highly-regarded Amazon S3 Platform. Audio and digital files are automatically streamed to the Amazon S3 cloud for secure storage and authorised access. The software also captures digital media evidence: audio, video, emails, photographs, logs, attachments, and more.


A special software interface provides ‘Automatic Annotation’ onto VIQ’s secure database, allowing transcribers to know who is speaking and provides clear notes on printed transcriptions.


Additionally, buk Solutions created seven fully portable recording systems that can be used in alternative locations around the UK, and is providing long-term support including staff training.


As a result of the collaboration between buk and VIQ, the NMC is benefitting from greater efficiency and flexibility in recording hearings and managing related content.

The cloud-based storage offers the organisation a reliable, accessible and scalable solution for keeping confidential information secure.


buk Solutions is the UK’s exclusive sales partner for VIQ Solutions, the world leader in digital recording and logging systems.

The Digimic® Classic system offers a high-performance solution, with features including:

  • Push-to-talk and request-to-speak functions
  • Remote control via software
  • Additional functions include voting buttons, language interpretation and mute buttons
  • Ability to record and store multimedia content such as images, video, scanned documents
  • Facility to share content with authorised users
  • Allows multiple defendants and case numbers to be associated with a single recording
  • Easy search feature to quickly locate recordings
  • Ability to seal cases and restrict access to designated users



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