Basic Interactive voting

Interaction and voting functions can be added to our conference and discussion system with our basic interactive software package.

This software can also be used with the standalone voting system.

Basic interactive voting is an add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint - using this technology enables interactive survey responses to be sent straight to a presentation with the aid of voting units.

The presenter starts the votes during the presentation using the voting tool list. As voting takes place, an easy-to-use wizard creates question and results slides in a presentation, allowing results to be displayed either immediately or at a later time. 



Key features:

  • Various types of voting
  • Customise length of voting time
  • Quiz mode with the option to award points
  • Customised legend labelling
  • Various types of graphs
  • Tabular analyses
  • Various types of reporting
  • Saving of all voting definitions, rules and results in Microsoft Access format


DIGIVOTE basic interactive

Product Description

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