Smart Conferencing

A perfectly matched Hardware-Software Solution for managing a wide variety of conferences.

The new smart conferencing software development by buk Solutions offers you the perfect tool for conducting the widest variety of efficient and smooth conferences.

The network-based, modern client server architecture enables the distribution of various conference applications such as microphone control, registration of the delegates and voting management to various terminals. This provides the individual operator with an intuitive task-optimised surface for easy and effective operation.

With the buk Solutions operating system, we designed a completely new and future-proof conference software for management, preparation, control, and wrap-up of one or more conferences based on our ange of equipment. Each event can be set up globally and controlled locally in one conference room, in parallel operation between multiple conference rooms, or even in a flexible combination of different rooms.


Key features of Smart Conferencing:

·         All conference applications are based on one central management platform

·         Installation of one single software solution

·         Manage your entire conference from anywhere

·         Perfect data management by using one consistent database

·         Choice of application components in accordance with the tasks

·         Future-proof - future requirements in the dynamic world of multimedia-based requests can be easily integrated into the Discussion system by upgrade



Key features of the delegate app:

·         Cross-platform conference application runs on Windows, iOS, and Android

·         Different display sizes possible

·         All relevant congress data available at a glance

·         Offers a cutting edge service for your participants

·         Easy registration

·         Provides a lively congress experience through interaction with the delegates

·         Straight forward congress management

·         All event details are constantly updated, giving you the opportunity to respond more rapidly to content changes

·         Sustainability by cutting back on printing costs and environment


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