VIQ Police

Audio, Video and Evidence Solutions for Law Enforcement

VIQ Solutions provides a complete, integrated digital audio, video and evidence capture and management solution for judicial agencies, law enforcement and public safety organisations.

The VIQ law enforcement solution offers a solution for dig­ital audio, video and evidence capture and management for police and public safety agencies.

The solution provides integrated audio and video capture from multiple sources simultaneously:

  • Interview rooms
  • In-car cameras
  • Body-worn cameras
  • Drone video (unmanned aerial / ground systems) cameras

Audio / video capture is controlled locally or remotely from a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone using fixed or mobile multi-channel audio / video hardware. The solution is flexible enough to manage audio / video recording in a single interview room, but powerful enough to manage countrywide deployments of hundreds of capture stations simultaneously.

VIQ goes beyond the simple capture of police interviews and interrogations. Our solutions have been designed specifically for law enforcement agencies who need a reliable audio and/or video record that can be easily searched and shared while remaining secure.

Key features:

  • Scanned evidence including documents, reports, pictures, third-party surveillance videos, can be attached to become an in­dexed part of the record
  • Ability to clip audio / video files
  • Robust security and chain of custody tracking on all files on the system protect evidence and help keep it tam­per-free
  • Sensitive portions of audio and video recordings can be blacked out for sharing with other agen­cies while the secure original re­cord stays intact
  • Monitor audio / video feeds from body cameras, patrol cars, drones or interview rooms from a remote location
  • A hybrid fixed and mobile solution: capture is controlled locally or remotely from a desktop, laptop, tablet using fixed or mobile multi-channel audio/video hardware or single-channel capture via iPhone
  • A multi-tier design which transfers and synchronizes digital assets to multiple locations in real time, including commercial or private cloud storage
  • Indexed metadata including text, book marks and digital media (such as pictures, PDFs, log files, schedules or another digital file)
  • A powerful database that is searchable by a range of criteria, including date/time, partici­pants, or annotation text
  • Advanced security protocols, including encrypted user IDs and passwords and a secure audit log only available to administrators 
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