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NEWS | 14 Aug 2019

High-tech interpreters’ studio slashes travel time and saves money for businesses

buk Solutions is offering a cloud-based interpretation studio to help slash international travel and equipment-hire costs, the first to do so in the UK.

The Cambridge-based firm is one of the nation’s leading firms for technology-based conference and event solutions.

Now it has become the first to provide a KUDO studio in the UK offering remote multilingual language support for international conferences and meetings.

The facility joins a growing worldwide network of studios provided through New York-based firm KUDO, its third in Europe with other studios in Paris and Athens. The studio is equipped with high-quality booths and secure network connectivity.

Instead, they can provide the same high-quality interpretation from buk’s office, dramatically saving on travel costs, time and venue equipment hire, as well as giving added flexibility for conference organisers.

Conference speakers are also able to attend remotely via the studio, which can be used as a fall-back solution in cases where the speaker is unable to travel.

Managing Director of buk Solutions, Simon Sainsbury, said: “Interpreters and speakers can join conferences or meetings remotely from our Cambridge studio while other delegates can use their own smart devices or laptop computers to participate in the language of their choosing using the KUDO app, wherever they may be.”

Fardad Zabetian, KUDO’s founder and CEO, added: “Language is the ultimate business enabler and buk’s KUDO Studio makes it easy for businesses in the UK and beyond to engage in at least a 100 languages other than English.”

KUDO’s powerful cloud-based platform allows people and businesses to trade, collaborate and meet more effectively across geographic and language barriers.

All parties can join meetings and conferences, speak in their own language and have foreign delegates’ conversations interpreted; a service also offered by buk. It means conference organisers can increase their virtual attendance, too.

To offer a KUDO studio facility, buk Solutions has undergone stringent quality checks and, in order to provide a top-quality service to clients, offers advanced audio-visual equipment that meets KUDO’s standards.



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