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BLOG NEWS | 13 Nov 2023

Public Enquiry At The End Of The Pier

buk Solutions successfully completed a Public Inquiry event for North Somerset County Council. It was in an unusual venue at the end of a pier. We provided a comprehensive AV installation, including a sound system, push-to-talk delegate microphones, 4 x 75″ monitors, 4 x PTZ camera systems with remote MS Teams participation, web hosting, and full event recording. The purpose of the event was to allow the three-week-long event to be broadcast on the council’s website and YouTube for remote viewing and participation.

To ensure the success of the event, buk Solutions conducted a site visit venue assessment. This allowed us to understand the specific requirements and objectives of the client’s event. This meant understanding the purpose, audience, and desired outcomes to guide the selection of appropriate audio and visual elements. We also had unusual delivery conditions of the equipment at the end of a pier.

Design and planning were crucial in creating a detailed plan that outlined the layout. This included placement, and configuration of the audio and visual equipment. Also factors such as the size and acoustics of the space, the type of content to be displayed, and any specific client requirements were considered.

Integration and testing of the audio and visual components were paramount to ensure seamless operation. This was particularly important because the client who had not attempted this type of event before was quite nervous.

We provided a system that met the client’s needs and ensured that all components worked together effectively.

Overall, buk Solutions successfully executed the installation and operation of the event. We provided the necessary AV equipment and technical support to facilitate remote viewing and participation of a highly sensitive topic. The public inquiry event for North Somerset County Council at the end of the pier was a successful collaboration.

Over the years we have been involved in numerous council projects, from short to multi-year contracts. It was a pleasure to share our expertise on this project following a successful tendering process.

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